The Compassionate Christ

(Part of Lent series).

The Compassionate Christ

1) Etymology: Compassion - means to “feel or suffer with.” Passion comes from Latin word meaning “to feel” and the prefix, Com means “with.” Compassion is an action word. It means feeling the feelings of somebody else and to resolve to do something.

2) The character of God: God is a God of compassion :“be compassionate as God is compassionate”Lk 6:36. Compassion or mercy is an important component of God’s character. Our understanding of God, will determine, to a large extent, the way we live. Consider, God’s commitment to Israel. God’s commitment to Judah. God’s commitment to the poor and powerless.

3) The life of God: Throughout the scriptures we read of how Jesus incarnated the life of God in his words and works. He showed compassion for the poor, the marginalised, the oppressed, the hungry, lonely, the powerless, the disadvantaged. This exemplified God’s overarching love for humanity. God’s compassion is not dependant on a person’s faith, religion, race, ethnicity, wealth or status. God’s love is impartial, non-judgmental and inclusive.

4) The call to be God-like: In Luke 6:36 we are called to be compassionate. True Christian discipleship involves showing compassion as Jesus did. We are challenged by every situation that demands our love to show compassion without judging. The compassion others receive from us is of God for all humanity. This is Christian witness at its best!


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