Faith in Christ

Jesus of Nazareth made some pretty big claims about the universe, reality and the life of every human being on Planet Earth. If he and his claims aren’t true then they’re of no importance. However if they are true then they’ll impact every part of our lives – past, present and future.

Jesus’ said “the truth shall set you free”. If you’re ready to get serious about investigating Jesus and what he said, here is a few books that can get you started, you can find them in most bookshops or borrow any of them for free at our church library. God promises to meet us where we are.

Recommended Books

Reason for God

Author Timothy Keller, moved to New York City in the 1989 to found Redeemer Presbyterian Church. His book walks through 7 objections to Christianity he’s heard since arriving in New York: “ There can’t be just one true religion”, “A good God could not allow suffering”, ”Christianity is a straitjacket”, ”The church is responsible for […]

The Language of God

Author Dr. Francis Collins is one of the world’s leading scientists heading the Human Genome Project mapping human DNA, he was then nominated by President Obama to be the Director of the National Institute of Health. Collins atheistic worldview was shaken by his scientific research and a number of experiences in his adult life. This […]


本文作者里程,毕业于北京大学生物系。1978年于中国科学院研究生院学习,1981 年获硕士学位。1982年赴美,1987年获密西根州立大学博士学位。先后在俄亥俄大学和西方储备大学(Case Western Reserve University)工作。1993年至今在威斯康星医学院从事医学基础研究工作。 作者长期崇尚无神论和个人奋斗。在神的大爱的感召下,逐渐认识了基督教信仰是客观真理,遂决志信主,1992年复活节受洗。已婚,现有一子一女。 在线阅读

God Actually

Sydney lawyer turned book writer Roy Williams presents a book on his basis for his transformation from disinterest sceptic to Christian writer.

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