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Worship services

Sunday 9.30am: Main service with worship and teaching for all ages. There is Sunday club for school age children. Connect with the church family over tea and coffee after the service.

Sunday 5pm: Small informal service with opportunity for questions and discussion. Activities for kids and supper after the service provided.


周日 早晨 9:30 在教会礼堂大厅有面向所有年龄层次的主日礼拜。同时,在教会侧厅会有为年轻家庭和孩子提供的特别礼拜和主日学。礼拜之后请与教友们分享咖啡茶点和生活点滴

周日 下午 5:00:教会侧厅有小型礼拜聚会。提供少儿活动,礼拜之后有茶点与聊天。


Jesus of Nazareth made some pretty big claims about the universe, reality and the life of every human being on Planet Earth. If he and his claims aren’t true then they’re of no importance. However if they are true then they’ll impact every part of our lives – past, present and future.

If you’d like to find out more, borrow any of them for free at our church library. God’s promise is that he will meet you where you are.


耶稣说,【我就是道路,真理,和生命(约翰福音第14章)】。若此言非实,则与我们无关; 但若此言属实,则联系着我们生活的每一部分,过去与未来。




心灵书籍《游子吟–永恒在召唤》: http://www.jidujiao.cc/jidujiao/youziyin/


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